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Many homeowners decide to remodel or renovate because they think they need more storage space.  The truth in most cases is that the problem can actually be solved with simple cleaning and organization that has been put off for too long.  Before inventing a ton of money in a remodeling project, homeowners should first see if they can make a difference by simply cleaning out junk drawers and organizing the must-haves to create more room.  There are several techniques to can help homeowners become more organized and create the space they need in order to store things.  

Daily cleaning
It is so easy to get lost in daily household messes, especially if children are involved.  While it may seem that the house needs to be deep cleaned on a daily basis, there are several ways to keep a clean home without losing valuable time with family in order to clean.  According to Good House Keeping, cleaning should only take ten minutes a day.  If homeowners pick one or two places in the home to deep clean each day such as cleaning out the refrigerator, flipping the mattress, dusting, or organizing the medicine cabinet, it is much easier to keep up with the housework instead of letting each mess build.  Taking ten minutes to tackle a few areas of the home each day, and then spending an hour or two on an all-over deep clean one day a week is a great way to prevent a haunting cleaning list that only continues to build.  

Storage and organization
In order to avoid a costly remodel for more storage space, homeowners should create storage space with what they already have.  Utilizing furniture for more than one purpose is a great way to create storage space.  Using an ottoman with a compartment as a coffee table is one way to store blankets and open up space in the linen closet.  Another popular space-saving technique is turning the visible side of a staircase into a bookshelf for books and knick-knacks that never seem to have a home.  Homeowners will save thousands of dollars organizing the space they already have in order to create more storage space rather than add onto their homes for more space.  

Perhaps the ultimate solution to creating more space in a home is by getting rid of the junk piles.  We all have them, and we can never seem to throw them away even when they have not been touched in years.  A yard sale is a great way to get rid of unnecessary junk as well as earn money instead of spending money on a remodel in order to house the junk.  Getting rid of clutter should be first on a homeowner’s list when they are looking to create more space in their homes.  Remodeling is not always the answer when homeowner’s begin to feel claustrophobic in their homes.  Most of the time throwing away the unnecessary is all it takes to feel comfortable again.   

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