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Hi all:

I just joined and thought I would introduce myself. I didn't see an appropriate category to do that, so I hope this one is okay.

My husband and I live in a ~1913 craftsman bungalow in a small town in southern illinois. We are trying to restore it to its former glory one paycheck at a time. So far we have renovated the exterior, replaced the roof, landscaped, added central AC, updated electric, and demo'ed numerous remuddlings including some pink carpet, some dropped ceiling, fruit and flower wallpaper, and some fluorescent panel lighting. 

We're lucky to have all original windows (most with wavy glass), most of the original stained woodwork, and some nifty built-ins.

Projects on the to-do list right now include some needed tree removal and getting some new window treatments. (so. many. windows!). Further down the road, a kitchen remodel and bathroom remodel are on our wish list.

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