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What type of house siding should one use on a mission house? We are renovating the house and the siding needs replaced. We want it to be maintenance free and a narrow siding. Any companies/brand names? Thanks for any information.

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What kind of siding is on the house right now? What is underneath it? What kind of climate do you live in? These are key questions that will affect your question.

IMO, vinyl siding does not belong on an old house. It masquerades as maintenance free when what it really does is facilitate deferred maintenance by hiding problems.  By the time it is at the end of its functional lifespan, it looks shabby and worn, and there is nothing that can be done except replace, unlike wood which can always be revived with a fresh coat of paint if it is kept in good condition.

When we pulled the vinyl siding off our bungalow, we found areas where the underlying original wood siding had really bad moisture problems. Clearly, the siding was not keeping out the elements. The supports for the eave overhang and the overhang itself had been clad in aluminum soffit material, and these also had rotted and were not structurally sound. We repaired all the wood, but if the house had just been left alone, even peeling and in need of a paint job for decades, we'd have been better off.

There are other options, like replacing wood siding that can't be repaired with hardy board or similar products, but they are probably quite expensive.


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