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Remodeling a mountain home.  We are adding modern craftsman elements - trim, doors, lighting to give the place some character.  Redid fireplace with stack stone. (before and after photos here and column in question below)

We have a load bearing support column left over from removing some half space between great room and foyer (or what will be foyer when done - two windows to the right below will be craftsman door with two sidelights)

this stud is support for low ceiling opening to high vaulted wood ceiling (holds up the loft) - I originally wanted a tapered craftsman style column wrap to cover the support.  I have been looking all over the internet and can only find one example of a full length taper used in an interior space.   Is this done?  I only see tapers done as top half and mostly outside porch columns.  Should i do non-tapered?

Looking at a 8" at top taper out to 12" at the bottom style with caps.

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Denise, I understand your dilemma; there are so many ways to convey A&C... I think your decision should be based on how you can carry similar design choices through out the house as just one or two tapered posts will look out of place: will you put tapered columns on the porch, can you create the classic open division using such columns in another space as well, can you create the open wall effect with shortened book cases or shelves in between columns, would adding additional columns to pair with the ones your discussing be beneficial, etc. I would consider stopping the taper in the traditional style using wood and classic trim. For sure the fireplace should have an un questionable A&C feel.

I have seen one picture of a tapered column from ceiling to floor and it looked large and a bit unusual. I have also seen straight columns with A&C detail (as on a stairway post) trimming the top. You could put some A&C trim on a tapered/straight column, starting at the point where the base of a typical column would begin, creating a squared finish to the floor. Either way, it's necessary to create A&C detailing as that is part of the design movement.

These are just some ideas. Good luck with your decision. (-=

Thank you for your response. We just this week finally made a decision and had installed. We went with tapered and are now deciding on trim. Bottom is the trim that came with column - after install - we didn't like so carpenter used plain trim for the top so we could see and decide. We like the plan better and he will install thicker version at the bottom to match top. We like the style - really dressed the space up!

Will post an updated pic.

we went with full taper and plain simple trim.


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