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If anyone can tell anything about this house by these pictures, please reply to this post. This is a house my father started restoring and now he is passing the torch to me. He says it was built 1987 but we think it could have been as late as 1930. We started in the bathrooms which have been finished and now we are working on the kitchen. We'll send some photos as things progress. There's a custom over sized door and a strange zero clearance fireplace that someone has added in the last 15 years, but a lot of the interior wood trim has been stripped down to the Doug Fir wood grain and the house has been leveled and set on a block wall and concrete foundation.

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It's definitely a craftsman bungalow and has some very cool features on the exterior.    It's tough to take a good look at your interior pics because I cannot enlarge them.   In regard to your "strange zero-clearance fireplace," did you try taking a look behind it?  You very well may have a goldmine of an original Craftsman fireplace behind that.

I am certainly not a Craftsman authority, but I'd love to see some of your photos zoomed in a bit.  Good luck with your project!

I love the front door and the support posts of the front porch! I think you made good choices for the bathroom. Do you have new pictures to upload and share?

I can tell you about your zero clearance fireplace.  This is actually a WOOD STOVE, designed to look like a fireplace, as a fireplace insert.  this means that when it's removed, there is an original fireplace behind it.

These are installed by people inside the fireplace to maximize heat recovery in the room.  If you remove it, you should find the original fireplace almost intact.

I can't wait to see what he uncovers!


So, this was one of the founding houses in Chandler. They built two identical houses at the same time. In the 50's these houses we're moved. I have pictures of this one rolling down Arizona Avenue on two large trucks with a small group of men on the roof using hand held polls to lift telephone wires over the house as the house rolled under the wires.


The original fireplace was not moved with the house and was demolished. The twin sister house was in a nice neighborhood not far away but burned down in the 70's. Lot's more fun history, but no time to write it or reference it today. I'll post an update soon.


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